In Amongst the Millions

Hello, we are the Cedars Two, and this is where you will find our music. Thank you for your listening time. How we know there are many other songs you could spend it on.

Here is a song for you.

Link: In Amongst the Millions

Original version by Vic Chesnutt, available on the 2001 album Left to His Own Devices. This arrangement is by Jennifer Warren.


Scott said...

I shamefully ignorant of Chesnutt's stuff and don't know the original. Enjoyed your version though. Did you send it to him like you mentioned maybe doing?

Michael said...

Hi Scott, thanks.

No, I haven't yet put it in the mail. Jennifer thinks that we shouldn't send it anonymously, but I think a surprise is much more memorable when we don't know who it's from. I have to think about it.

Michael said...

Hi Scott, here's a followup for that. We mailed it off a couple of weekends ago. We compromised on the anonymity thing by using only our first names and my workplace as a return address. The delay in this response is due to waiting to see if the letter would come back by return mail, and it hasn't.

I think it was very nice, because we included a little note saying "Thank you for writing so many good songs" and so forth.