I Need a Place to Stay

No, not really. It's only the name of the song. I Need a Place to Stay was written and recorded an hour ago.

(mp3, flac, or stream.)


Anonymous said...

I love all the original songs on this page. There's a pop sensibility that's catchy but not forced. The word breezy comes to mind.

And I really think you have good lyrical sense. Unlike most songs with this sort of style, I don't feel the lyrics were lifted from the diary of a teenager.

And P.S. Michael, you have a great sounding voice.

- Amanda F.

Michael said...

Hi Amanda, and thanks. I hope there will be more pop songs in the future. We will have to wait and see what comes out. The two that I'm working on today are minor dirges, which have their place but are not much fun.

By the way, stop by and visit us sometime if you're ever out this way. I've got a ton of recent pop you might like.

Tamar said...

Wow!!! Another up beat song!! I agree with Amanda. I like the pop style you seem to be going with. It's got a retro kind of sound, but fresh at the same time.

I kept hearing back up vocals, though - like it would have been a nice addition to the song. I think I heard a counter melody lightly in the background. I think you could bring it out more, if that's what I heard. Awesome song.

Michael said...

Hi Tamar, I'm glad you found us here. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I get what you say about the countermelody, and it'll take a little practice -- because if I hear what I think you mean, it'd take frailing. At present it's all I can do to strum it start to finish, ha ha.

I want to hear your new material. Jennifer tells me it's really good.

adrienne said...

I like that the lyrics for these songs really grab my attention. They are concrete and relatable.

Michael said...

Edit, 2009: Moved the lyrics to the comments.

These are the lyrics:

The trick to seeing things in the dark is not to reach for where you think they are. Oh no, where did the fuses go?

The trick to spending time with you is that the filters let the message through. Oh no, where did my filters go?

If we come around to what the thought we ought've seen. In between what hadn't been and what might should have been. If we should have waited until things were better known, here it goes.

The key to see inside your tells is that it matters when it goes to hell. Oh hey, I need a place to stay for a while.