It's an original song this time around: "Pacific" was written and arranged by Jennifer.

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qwynwyn said...

I remember the song "As You Turn To Go." It's such a sweet-sounding song!


Michael said...

Hi Quyen, thanks for stopping by.

Hey, and thanks for tipping me off that archive.org's transcoder was stripping the tags from the mp3s. I've replaced all thirteen (whew) archive mp3s with new links to my own encodes.


Michael said...

Edit, 2009: Moved the lyrics from the post to the comments.

These are the lyrics:

We looked at the pilot. The pilot said "We're going down." Buzzers and engines screaming, sky so hard, thunder so loud. The captain threw us a 'chute and we leapt into the clouds.

By the time we hit the Pacific we were already frozen. All we could see was a deathly grey horizon. We sat atop a wing blackened by flame. For seven days we prayed, oh how we prayed.

That was many years ago. You've never been the same. Every morning you awake with the sound of thunder in your ears. You are still grey, frozen after all these years, your soul lost in the Pacific. There's grey in your eyes, so much grey in your eyes.

It doesn't really feel like a survival, and I don't feel alive but it doesn't really matter in the Pacific.