The Drugs Don't Work

The Drugs Don't Work Original version performed by the Verve, available on the 1997 album Urban Hymns.

p.s. We had some technical difficulties with several songs we uploaded to archive.org (i.e. songs that are not covers), but we have repaired everything. It didn't take long, but put us in a sleepless frame of mind. In the hours we gained we recorded this, one of our favorite laments.

p.p.s. We don't want to step on anyone's toes, so anyone with the band who wants us to take this down can contact us discretely by using the email link on this or any C2 page.


Tamar said...

I'm really enjoying your new songs. I'm glad you have an outlet to share them. I've always thought you guys could work well together. Kudos.


adrienne said...

This one made me cry. Couldn't listen to it twice. Thanks for making it.