Glass Addictions

Hi, we're back. We decided to give it a little time because we didn't want to push the album off the front page right away. Glass Addictions is a new song by Jennifer.

Download mp3 or flac, or play the mp3 stream.

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Michael said...

Edit, 2009: Moved the lyrics from the body of the main post to the comments.

Here are the lyrics:
Mirror, mirror, twitching eyes. Around with the Theremin in the ceiling. Speaking to the glass.

Mirror, mirror. The radiation sang, too. Disguised as my voice from archaic lips, spun from alchemy.

Mirror, mirror. The taste of mud in my pores suffocates tomorrow morning. Early returning iron statue.

And our rocket blasting shattered skin to fingers. Now we're grappling for the glass. We no longer see our faces, so we must ask the image for the questions of our glass addiction, for our glass addiction.

Mirror, mirror, we turned to stone as the dust fell from the sky, a statue reflected as guilded souls.