Satchuwar is an album recorded in June and July of 2008. Although this album is attributed to the Cedars Two, it is in fact a solo album by Jennifer.

To download the songs individually, follow this link for mp3 or this link for flac.

To download a zip file containing the entire album as mp3, click this link (46 megs).

To stream the album in its entirety, click here.

The artwork for this album is by our friend David Gilmour of New Jersey, whose daughter provided us with the non-word album title "Satchuwar." High-resolution album art is available here: cover, outer sleeve, and inner sleeve.

As always, thanks.


Mike said...

Yay! As last.fm can attest, I was just listening to Nom this morning. ;)

John Painz said...

nice job! I'll download the tracks and listen some more when I have a free moment, but "I Cannot Do This" was quite nice! - J

Michael said...

Thanks, you guys. We appreciate it a lot.

Michael said...
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Anonymous said...


Michael said...

This weekend, and thank you for the reminder. The delay is entirely my fault.