If You Don't, I Do

Here's a new song by the both of us, entitled "If You Don't, I Do."

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The story of how this song was made might be interesting.

8/17/08: I wanted to cover a soul song, and did. There were things I didn't like about the result, mainly that the vocal came out sounding like Songs: Ohia, which isn't what I wanted, and that I was playing the wrong chords anyway. So onto the scrap heap it went.

Left over on Jennifer's computer was the solo ukulele track, which she found and arranged for strings. We discarded the ukulele track. For six months the strings track sat around.

2/21/09: I had my eye on this strings part for a few weeks, so I loaded it up and started throwing test vocal parts at it. These were only meant to figure out what the melody should be and where the phrases should go. After a dozen takes there were six vocal tracks that could be mentally combined and re-recorded as a final vocal.

I played Jennifer the practice takes, she made some snips here and there and the song was finished.

This is the beginning of the new album, the one I said would be finished mid-February. In the next few days, there will be a new solo album by Jennifer. The new album with us working together will be a while longer.

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