Eight from the vault

Hello, world.

While we work on new songs, here are some older ones.

As promised in an earlier post, here is Jennifer's version of Wheels on Track (aka We Are Wheels). It was a happy accident that Jennifer used the first draft of the lyrics in her version, because otherwise they would be lost. 2004.
(mp3, flac, or stream)

One for an Albatross was recorded in 1996 in James West's soundproofed closet. There are several references to The Portable Arthur Miller here.
(mp3, flac, or stream)

Which One of Us Are We This is the first Cedars Two original song, in that it is the first that we worked on together. It is more in the line of a prototype than a full song. 2004.
(mp3, flac, or stream)


The next two songs date from 1994, and were recorded for some class Jason Moon Wilkins was taking. Scott Raulie plays drums, Daniel McNicholl plays lead guitar on "Stereotype," and Drew (who would not tell us his last name) plays bass. None of them had heard the songs before the day of recording, which means they all did a great job of picking the songs up fast. These are posted at the request of my brother. File under juvenilia.

In Remission (mp3, flac, or stream)

I Was a Teenage Stereotype (mp3, flac, or stream)

Incidentally, Drew loaned me my first Nick Drake tape, and I would have given it back had he not suddenly disappeared. If he should see this and drop a line, I still have the tape.


Last we have three covers, all death-songs. Two of these were posted last year on a weblog that was taken down to make room for this one. The other was recorded as a gift.

Death Is Not the End Original version available on the Nick Cave album Murder Ballads, where it is attributed to Bob Dylan. 2003. (Link)

Death to Everyone Original version available on the Bonnie "Prince" Billy album I See a Darkness. To my horror, Jennifer put this song on a cd she gave my mom. 2007. (Link)

Shadow Song Original version available on the Mountain Goats album The Coroner's Gambit. This one turned out too pretty to vanish with the old weblog. One notable thing about the Mountain Goats is the immediacy of their home recordings. In that spirit, this also is a first take. 2007. (Link)

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