Officer, Please

Officer, Please is a persecution-song. The persecution-song type includes all songs in which a power alienates or oppresses the protagonist. We wanted to write a song in response to the text of Leonard Cohen's The Partisan, one that plays with the situation of the woman who gave shelter. We took the liberty of changing the narrator to someone more like us.

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In my opinion, Jennifer's strings arrangement on "Officer, Please" makes this the best song we've done together so far.

As always, thank you for listening.


Christian said...

hey this is good!

your right, the strings are great

Michael said...

Jennifer says "thank you," and so do I. Best regards, Christian.

Michael said...

Edit, 2009: Moved the lyrics to the comments.

These are the lyrics:

I see it would harm my opponent. I grant it would do me a favor. They'll take you away, sir. They'll put you away, sir.

Dawn brings no sign of the sun. A man holds a torch at the gate. I will send them away, sir. I'll send them away, sir.

This house is the eye of a storm. This world has a mind made of stone. There's no way to dial home from out in the dry zone. That sound could be a train from somewhere far away, where lights at night don't mean the end is come.

I hear the dogs. I hear the glass explode. I fear the rain has finally come. Officer, please, I thought you were there for me. My family sleeps. My family prays. Don't take them away.