Whatever You Say

Whatever You Say is a novelty duet in the style of "Think Twice" or "Yeah, Oh Yeah," to be filed under delusional courter. It's enough to say we sometimes hear only what we choose to.

(mp3, flac, or stream)

From the forthcoming e.p., which is tentatively titled That Is Not Helpful.



Michael said...

Remixed February 28: removed two strings parts that were intruding into the vocals for Jennifer's verse.

Tamar said...

I really liked the subtle way you brought the guitar in and faded the ukelele (sp?) and then brought it back, and I loved the addition of the organ. It really added that certain something to the song. I'm glad you removed the two string parts, because with the organ and the guitar and ukelele you really didn't need much more.

Very cool song.

Michael said...

That's what I thought when I stripped those parts out, but it has grown into the first band democracy challenge. The album version (that's right, the e.p. has become an album) will have the strings mixed back in differently.

adrienne said...

I too thought the organ was great...

Thank goodness Jennifer and Michael are writing and playing and singing -- makes me feel like I'm witnessing a humble contribution to the world of music.

Michael said...

Edit, 2009: Moving lyrics from the main post to the comment area.

These are the lyrics:

(voice #1) Whatever you say, I'll go on and believe it. Whatever you say, I'm sure it's close enough to true. The one thing I won't believe is you have had enough of me. Whatever you say, I still love you.

If I had another chance, I would make another pass at you. What else can a brave man do?

(voice #2) Whatever you say, I cannot believe it. Whatever you say, you come off like a total fool. Get off my lawn you hairy creep before I go and call the police. Whatever you say, there is no me and you.

If I took another chance, I would make another pass at you. What else can a brave man do. I still love you.