Beneath the Weeds

There's bright snow on the ground, which means it's time for a song about murder. We hope Beneath the Weeds gives an impression of lunatic songs like "Psycho" (Eddie Noack, Jack Kittel, Elvis Costello) and "Down on the Banks of the Ohio" by the Blue Sky Boys, or the long suite on the second side of Alice Cooper's Welcome to My Nightmare.

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The murder-song is one of our favorite types, so expect to hear more from this narrator in the future. He always sings to his intended next victim.

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Michael said...

These are the lyrics:

One night in the failing light we drew alongside the stone that was set apart for you. We turned it over and felt the clover pressed flat and pale against the earth. I thought of him, never seen again. How I told him not to look beneath the weeds.

One night three men came and searched our room. What they thought they'd find was a mystery to you. Three monsters in the clothes of men who briefly flared and failed again. Three mortal men, never seen again. How I warned them not to look beneath the weeds.

Where cicadas climb in rows, there's an opening where the cold comes rushing out beneath the weeds.