Where No Man's Eyes May Go

Where No Man's Eyes May Go is an exile-song, sung by a voice in the wilderness. It's meant to be a companion to "Officer, Please," taking place in that story.*

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*Statements like this one are made solely for our amusement, and may be safely disregarded. We must first entertain ourselves.

p.s. The album will be complete soon. We are recording parts for four more songs by Jennifer.

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Michael said...

These are the lyrics:

It all turned out the same as if we'd not turned the tide. The one thing that it means: we're out of time.

Tell me where you hid your name, I'll find it. I will store it where no man's eyes may go.

Oh, I see it in the fire. I ride upon a rail. I take it down and put it all away. I have been studious. I have been so careful not to stir the cruel minds of lesser men, whose senses dulled, whose overdone exertions destroy more than they make.