Autumn Sketches

Autumn Sketches is an album by Jennifer Warren of the Cedars Two, recorded in October and November of 2008.

Song list:
From a Distance
Faulty as Flesh
Mornings String Quartet
Changes Course
Where Do You Want to Go
When Did I Cringe

Running time 36:20

This .zip contains the entire album in .mp3 format. That's VBR V1 if you want to know.

This .m3u plays a streaming preview of the entire album.

For flac and md5, please see this entry at archive.org.

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Mike said...

Downloading! :)

When's Michael's album due? ;)

Michael said...

When's it due? February or March, I think. It needs to be cold and dark all the time for me to work on anything, ha ha. The album is called Cedar Zero and will have eight songs recorded live with electric guitar, vocals, and viola.

Anonymous said...

still waiting.

Michael said...

I'm recording vocals tonight, overnight. Right now I'm waiting until it's late enough for the cops and ambulanes to quiet down. I didn't write any music all winter. The good news is that work has recently reduced hours to 40/week, so I have much more time to work on what I want. Also, I've started unplugging the ethernet cable five days a week, so there's even more time gained.

There will be a new C2 e.p. out in the next two weeks. If I pretend it's a 7", I suppose we could get away with putting three songs on it, but I want there to be four. One song is entirely finished, and two more are practically finished. The instrumentation is violin, viola, cello and voices.

It's good to be working on music again. For one thing, the new arrangement is a chance to break some thought habits about pop/folk forms. Also, it changes the way you write a melody when you're working without equal-tempered percussive chord instruments like guitar or piano. Maybe the end result will be pretentious or perplexing, but I like what I hear. Jennifer wasn't convinced at first that the idea would work, until I sang her a song made from a discarded string part.

Michael said...

Update April 16: Four songs are finished. Two more songs will be finished by the end of this weekend.